Sunday, February 5, 2012

Diamonds On The Soles Of My Shoes

Johnny's Hill   12x 16  oil

Here's a studio painting done after the plein air study, below.  The study was done in the excitement of seeing something that moved me because of it's golden light at the time of day (late afternoon), and the elongated shadow patterns.  Lighting effects in the late afternoon and first light are very fleeting, so you have to paint fast and try to remain focused on what you're after.  The studio piece was done with the time to reflect on the potential for the image.  What I want to bring out. What can be done with color and design.  Even at this point, the studio painting is a first exploration of possibilities.

The view is right outside my studio.  I'm enjoying discovering how beauty can be found wherever sunlight and shadow play over the landscape.  Diamonds on the soles of my shoes!
Johnny's Hill study  8 x 10  oil

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