Friday, February 17, 2012

Johnny's Hill …Again

Johnny's Hill    12x16    oil
Johnny's Hill #1    12x16    oil

This one has been bothering me.  While I like the composition, I was troubled by some things, in the first version (below).  The foreground color seemed wrong, brushwork too brittle, and too busy overall.  So, I decided to have another try at it after listing the things I'd like to improve.

I'm more satisfied with the revised version in which I've simplified the foreground, warmed the shadow color, and restated the color in the trees to strengthen the sense of space and atmosphere in the painting. Especially the oak on the left.  I also tried to simplify the shapes throughout.  The sky has been completely repainted.  I softened many of the edges throughout the painting to do away with the brittleness.

This is a painting I'll probably do a large version of at some point, and I'm just trying to think through the things that I feel can be improved.  I'll stick it in the closet for while, and see what I think when I see it again in a month or so.

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