Wednesday, February 29, 2012

There's Usually Something Around

Boquillos Canyon Riverbanks    9x12    oil
Got up early to make the 45 minute drive across the park to Boquillos Canyon before the morning light evaporated.  Parked, loaded up my gear and with anticipation I began the 20 minute hike up the steep hill and then down into the river basin leading to the object of my trek.  I had been told that this was the time to be there if I wanted to get the best light in the Canyon.

When I reached the furthest point of the hike and began to take in the view before me, my reaction was, "hm." The canyon was a rather featureless mass of rock, lit by a direct, flat lighting angle.  Geographically impressive, of course, due to its shear walls and massive proportions, but there were no shadows to distinguish anything in particular.  Disappointing.  Nothing said, "Paint me!"  Then I turned around to find that the humble, sandy riverbanks of the Rio Grande were just what I needed to feel the buzz and exhilaration that makes me want to paint.  Where sunlight is falling on natural forms there's usually something around worth painting.  A great morning!  Good to be alive!

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  1. Humble, and gorgeous in its simplicity. Aren't you glad you turned around?