Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter Bank

Winter Bank    8x10   oil

Even though it's not particularly cold this year, it's still stick season, and we're not yet out of the drought.  So everything is dry and down to the bones, right now.

There's always something that gets me in the winter about the crazy old cypresses that grow along the banks of the hill country rivers and streams, like haunted skeletons.  But, they're real survivors, and they'll green out this summer, and shade the banks again.

This was painted on a sunny winter morning on the Pedernales.  I was caught by the flowing grace of the cypress limbs.  The silent testimony of the raging torrents that can flash through here.  They don't give up.  They adapt, and grow again.


  1. Hey Jim I met you this weekend. I was the one that worked in pastel. Nice work and nice meeting you

  2. Thanks, for leaving a note, Donna. I was impressed with your pastel sketches. Look forward to seeing you again.