Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So Long

"So Long"    8x10    oil
This is the other little Port Aransas cabin I painted last week, the day before it was to be torn down. A neighbor came out to visit while I was standing by his curb painting.  He's the one who told me about the systematic eradication of these old homes.  He rather wistfully reminisced about the "old" Port Aransas, while balancing that with a practical explanation of the dilemma.  Seems that these old homes, which are spotted throughout all of the Port A neighborhoods, have become a confusion to real estate valuation, as many have fallen into vacancy and delapidation.  So, it's an inevitability that they must go.  I get that.  It's just a bit sad saying so long to the Port Aransas that was once a magical part of my growing up.  I took a lot of pleasure in being able to stand there and quietly paint it good bye.

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  1. Your connection to the place is obvious. These all have a wonderful freshness to them.