Friday, May 18, 2012


Middle Of May     oil     8x10
I'm always surprised how little it takes to develop a pleasing painting when it has  a clear design and color idea.  I'm learning to keep my mind open when I'm looking for a worthwhile painting subject.  Too often I overlook, or reject, a possible motif because I'm subconsciously looking for a "whopper".  (As in, "wow, that's a really impressive subject, with dramatic elements portrayed on a grand scale.)  Whoppers are out there to be found, but if you go out with the mindset that you must find one or you're not going to bother painting, you're not going to do much painting.

This humble setting turned out to have everything I needed to work out a design idea that I could invest myself in as a ready vehicle to express my love for the Texas Hill Country, where I live, and do most of my painting.  I'm learning to set my vision for seeing the small things better, when I'm out to paint.  Then, when I run across a "whopper" I'll know better how to take advantage of it.  I think that in painting, what makes for beauty isn't so much the thing we find, but how we see it, and what we inject into it.  

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