Monday, June 4, 2012


Cliffs On The Rio Grande     9x12     oil on canvas panel
This is a studio painting done from a field study and photo reference (below) from my trip to Big Bend in March.  In almost every case, when painting outdoors, there's just too much information to include in a painting, and certain things need to be left out and others brought into harmony with the vision for the painting.  

You may or may not agree with my changes, but I have to make the decisions on what to take, leave out and alter. As enamored as I was with the original scene, the painting required a number of adjustments to simplify and harmonize the design.  Check it over to see what I'm talking about.  Whether you're interested in making paintings or just appreciating them, hat's better than me pointing them out for you

I have a couple of others from the Big Bend trip that I've recently reworked in the studio.  I think I'll post them, too, along with with their reference photos as a point of interest.

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