Tuesday, August 7, 2012


AT TRATTORIA LISINE   8x10   oil on canvas panel
It's too bad you can't plan on serendipity, isn't it?  (My wife rolls her eyes when I say that kind of stuff.)

Creativity, is a cousin of serendipity, and neither can be counted upon.  Still, fickle as they are, we set about our goals with real hopes of encountering them both, along the way.  In fact it's the encounters with these two  that give such great incentive to do what's necessary to get out and paint.  Neither seem to bother coming around when we don't at least have plans that have been launched by actions and work.

I found this lovely spot after heading out to paint at 8 am in search of an accessible subject.  It's often difficult to gain entrance to places I'd love to explore and paint.  The country roads are mostly fenced, and posted "NO TRESSPASSING!!   After an hour and forty-five minutes of searching, falling down a concrete embankment, nearly being run over looking for a spot to paint, and the temperature moving quickly toward three digits, I turned around to head back towards the studio.  Just as I put the gas pedal down, I noticed a large rock and wrought iron gate on the right, with a sign that said: LA TRATTORIA LISINE RESTAURANTE and DUCHMAN'S VINEYARD  -  PUBLIC WELCOME.  That's me!  I turned in and cruised down a wide and winding, shaded entry with a vineyard stretching out to my right.  When I reached the main buildings and gardens there was no one around.  I parked in the shade near a promising location and decided to set-up.  Nothing moved but me and the breeze under the ancient oaks where I was preparing to paint.  With everything set, I chose my brush and raised it to the canvas. With the first stroke, an outdoor garden speaker came on and began softly playing beautiful Italian music.  After an hour and a half of working on my painting, another car parked nearby.  The occupant got out and walked toward me.  She looked at what I was doing and said, "That's just lovely.  I just love that.  Have a nice day.".  She smiled and then walked across the little bridge to the porch and disappeared into the entrance.  A few last touches, I packed-up, and  Serendipity, Creativity and I drove home.      


  1. It is always a pleasure to find a new blog and see work of a high caliber
    You have captured the atmosphere so beautifully in this painting - I can tell you are a true plein air painter. Love your writing too.

  2. Wow, Julie! You know how to leave a comment! I don't know how you found my blog, but it was a wonderful encouragement to read your kind words. Then, I went to see your blogs, and got another boost. You're an extremely talented and industrious painter. Thank you, for stopping in, and taking the time to comment.