Saturday, September 29, 2012


MADRONE    14X11    oil on canvas panel
I ran across this while preparing to enter the Outdoor Painters Society Showcase.  This was a commission by friends who have a beautiful ranch high up in the heart of the Texas hill country, near Tarpley.

If you've never seen a Madrone, they're beautiful, bony trees with a thin sheath of cream colored bark that peels away and reveals a trunk of gorgeous vermillion, pink, and gold.

One of the nicest things about painting is having the opportunity to do something that is intended to fill a special place for a collector who admires your work and wants you to interpret their world.  


  1. I love this one - I am crazy about Madrones, they are amazing trees. You nailed the exfoliating bark.

  2. Thanks, CGD. Nice hearing from you, again.