Wednesday, September 26, 2012


TUMBLING DOWN  14X11   oil on linen panel  
Sometimes I become so caught up in trying to learn to paint, avoiding mistakes and overcoming bad habits that I forget to just have fun.  I suppose everyone has their reasons for painting, and persisting.  Mine is that it's just so much fun, and when you get a painting that makes you feel good when it's finished you've got a win-win situation.

I pulled the reference for this one from my sketches at Pedernales Falls.  It needed some redesigning to make it into a balanced composition, and for me, that's where the fun starts.  It's while I'm looking for the way to arrange the elements that I begin to sense a pull towards a subject that feels like I have something I want to say about it.

Once I had designed the big light/dark pattern in my pencil sketch I was ready to jump in and make it happen.  These are not the colors you'll find if you go hiking out at Pedernales Falls.  These colors are the way I feel about being there, and just being alive on that gorgeous day.  While I'm painting, my mind recalls the way the falls sounded, bird songs, how fresh the air was from the rising mist, the coolness of the shade I was in, and the brilliant, warm sunshine on the rocks. FUN!

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