Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Sheftall Jewel    6x8    oil on canvas panel
This was my entry from the "quick draw" portion of the Kerrville Outdoor Painters Event, this past weekend.  We were limited to one block in the Kerrville historic district, and had 90 minutes to complete our paintings.  I chose this little bright spot at the entrance to Sheftall's Jewellers, and was very flattered to have it bought right off the easel.

I enjoy these events because you have the opportunity to hear directly from the public while you're creating your painting.  The comments and questions can be very enlightening as to what people actually think of your work.

"This is so gorgeous!  My friends and I have named you Mr. Shadows."

"So, how do you get the colors so pretty, together?"

"Have you done this before?"

"Hmm.  No one else is doing what you're doing."

"I guess you know you're painting for women, right?"

"That's interesting.  I guess you couldn't get the rest of the building on your little canvas thingy."

"Your colors are just perfect!  How much do you want?"

"Did you mean to leave out the stuff on the door?"

"Oh…my…GOSH!  I need to go get my husband.  Will you, please, not sell this while I'm gone?"

Are you painting, mister?  I like it.  Can I paint. too?"


  1. How fun. I love the comments from your spectators. I also love the painting.

    1. Thanks, Nathalie. It is fun, and informative, to listen to folks comment off the top of their heads when you're out painting.