Sunday, October 7, 2012


SHADY SIDE    8x10    oil on canvas panel
This was one of the four paintings I turned in for the Kerrville Outdoor Painters Event, this past weekend.  It was a Pein Air event,  and a great place to paint.  I thoroughly enjoyed the three day paintout, and had a wonderful time.

One of the things I learned was that size actually does matter. (hee-hee)  My paintings were all 8x10's.  The judges did not recognize work below the 11x14 size range.  And I saw more entries than ever before that were even up to 20x24!  Not necessarily better paintings, just larger.  Lesson: if you're planning to compete, be prepared to work and frame larger.  The down side is that the public attending the event is less likely to part with the money to cover the prices of the larger works.  So, the sponsors and organizations hoping to benefit from the show, don't see the level of proceeds they hope for from their commission on painting sales. Maybe I'm the last one learning this?

Past events have considered small works every bit as viable as any size in the show.  I think that there has been such a burgeoning plethora of plein air events across the country that size has become the means of distinguishing your work in the competition.  Unfortunate, since paintings aren't necessarily better simply because they're bigger.

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