Wednesday, November 7, 2012


DAYBREAK    11x14    oil on linen panel
I came upon this scene as I was heading out to paint near Kerrville, TX. for a planned day of painting and gathering reference for studio work.  I had left well before sunrise, in a big hurry to get where I was going.  20 miles into the drive, my stomach turned over as I suddenly realized I had left my camera by the front door! DOH!!

Nothing to do but turn around and go back for it.  Beating myself up all the way, I was trying hard to get myself back in a positive state of mind after feeling that I had squandered the best part of the morning where I was planning to paint.

I kept telling myself that this could all work for the good, and that it was up to me to see the benefit rather than the loss.  Having retrieved my camera, I was hurrying through the pre-dawn illumination of the sky, wishing I was where I was "supposed to be".  The sun was just coming up behind me as I turned off the Interstate into the little town of Johnson City.  I've been through here many times, but never at this particular time of day.  When I saw this gorgeous display of light and shade, I knew it was time to stop the mind-fussing and get into the moment.  The beauty and unhurried peacefulness of the new morning completely took over, and it turned out to be a wonderful day of painting, and this was the unplanned, high-point!  Lesson:  Keep your eyes and your mind open to the unexpected. 

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