Friday, November 9, 2012


MAKE MY DAY   20x16   oil on canvas panel
MID-DAY   9x12    oil on linen panel
Both of these paintings were done from subjects that just jumped out and grabbed me.  The first, "MAKE MY DAY", did just that. It's unusual to come upon something so ready to go.  I did very little rearranging of elements other than to work on designing the rhythms of the shadow shapes.  Running into something like this is like peach pie and vanilla ice cream with good coffee!

The other, "MID-DAY", also surprised me, but not in such a "pie-and-ice-cream" way.  I'm usually not very excited by what I find at mid-day.  The sun is directly overhead, colors tend to be a bit bleached-out and shadows don't offer up the same excitement and possibilities for patterns.  When I saw this one, it just seemed to say, "Oh, come on, try me!".  I enjoyed arranging the elements of the scene into a nice composition, and opening up my thinking to be on the lookout for opportunities to paint, even during the mid-day doldrums.

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