Tuesday, December 4, 2012


DESERT DESSERT  9x12   oil on canvas panel

I usually have trouble finding exciting subject matter around noontime, because of the flat overhead light.  But, when I've made arrangements to go to a special location to stay and paint for a number of days, I'm just uncomfortable losing the entire middle of the day.  One of the things I've learned is that as with most things, you generally find what you've set your mind to receive.  So, I reminded myself to to keep an open mind, and expect to turn up some treasure.

After completing my morning painting at Contrabando, below Lajitas,Texas, I sat down to have lunch in the shade of one of the adobe huts. When I was done, I peaked out the back door to see what I might find to paint from the shade.  This little scene was right there at eye level waiting to be devoured.  It was like ice cream on cake, painting this brightly lit arrangement of values, shapes and colors.  A good reinforcement for remembering that as artists we need to be nourishing a sense of discovery!

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