Wednesday, January 23, 2013


HOMESTEAD   11x14   oil on linen panel
An interested reader asked about my choice of sizes, and panels panels versus stretched canvas. (If you like, you can read my answer in the comments of the previous post.)  So, here's an example of that at work.  This painting is not the plein air sketch, which though interesting had a number of problems that will keep it from being the kind of thing I want to show or send to the gallery.  For instance, the drawing was out of proportion and edges were poorly handled, but the feeling and color was interesting.  It captured the light and mood that had interested me to paint this subject in the first place.

I wanted to explore the potential of the idea further, so using the 8x10 I had done in the field, I took out an 11x14 to continue in the studio.  I was interested in getting the correct relationship of values, so as to make the warmth of the sun really shine on the house. Because of what I wanted to express about this scene, I chose the color to have the more barren feeling of late autumn, rather than, say, mid-summer with warm puffy clouds and flowers.  I discovered that what I liked about the color was the relatively deep, somber harmony of the landscape contrasted with the sun shining on the old house. Even the sky is a full value step darker than I would normally paint it.  That allowed me to have plenty of "muscle" left to make the light on the house appear more brilliant.

So, the studio piece was a further "study".  I didn't choose a larger canvas, because I was still searching for the elements that would bring the painting closer to the expression I'm after.  However, having gone this far with it, and obtaining interesting results. I am considering doing a 16x20 as a finished version, and really looking forward to carrying the theme forward. Make sense?

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