Sunday, April 28, 2013


AFTER THE BLOOMS    12x16   oil on canvas panel

Some of you may remember when I posted the previous stage of this painting, as I was working out the composition.  I finally got around to finishing it.

It's fun to paint cactus because of the automatic harmony of shapes and their rugged quality, but this painting is more about the colors than anything else.

Of course, that means it's about right values.  If the value relationships aren't right, then there's no chance the color will be right.  Right values is what reveals beauty in color.

These exact colors aren't what you'd find just walking up to the scene in nature.  I enjoy taking the natural harmonies suggested in nature and then "pushing" them to more vivid relationships that get to my feeling about the scene.  puBasically this is a complementary color plan.  The cool green cactus is opposed by the purplish red of the fruit. Then I've added sparks of the two discords for the complements orange and blue purple.

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