Thursday, May 9, 2013


MORNING COLORS   12x16   o/c
The outdoor study 9x12
This one is from a small sketch done last year on a ranch near Comfort , Texas  (see the small image below).  I enjoy going back through my plein air studies that were done long enough ago to offer new objectivity.

Besides being a depiction of a place and moment in life, often, an outdoor painting is the record of a race against the changing of light and other elements.  This is largely responsible for their honesty and freshness of appearance.  Back in the studio, we have the time to consider the design, color and general handling of the piece.  Some plein air pieces fall into the category of skill building exercises that will never be presented to viewers.  Other times, they offer a jumping off point for a new, and possibly larger, painting.

For me, I want the new painting to retain much of the direct look of the original, while taking advantage of the opportunity for improvements.  I wanted to keep the basic composition of my study, but saw a number of things I felt needed work.  I won't bore you with description.  Check it over to see what has changed, as a result of further reflection, and if you're a painter you may ask yourself why and whether or not you agree with the changes.

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