Wednesday, August 21, 2013


BARN and TACK SHED   11x14  oil on canvas
Here's a case of being open to unplanned opportunities for subject matter.  While driving the road into the main area of Reimer's Ranch Park, I passed this old shed.  At the time I was pre-occuppied with just what I might find to paint in the park, that day. I hardly paid any attention to what I was seeing, as I tried to visualize some area I had seen before in the park.

About fifty yards past the shed, my subcoscious mind brought up the image I had just seen.  My mind had registered all the nice contrasts and arrangement of shapes, and presented me with a pre-edited view of the painting!

I did a U-turn back to the shed, parked the car, pulled out my equipment and went to work.  It was something like auto-painting, as I used the actual scene to construct and bring emphasis to the way my sub-conscious mind had seen it.  Part of getting better is a matter of getting out of our own way.

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