Thursday, September 26, 2013

TOO PICKY!_Cactus Cluster

Cactus Cluster 
©Jimmy Longacre 2013
9x12 oil on canvas panel

An early morning hike into Pedernales Falls State Park took me wandering all around the river bed, and up the cliffs on either side.  I was getting worn out and discouraged.  I just couldn't get settled on what I wanted to paint.  "Too Picky!", I decided. So, I just stopped where I was and set-up to paint.  Then, I picked up my little viewfinder and began to scan the landscape for a small view where there was dramatic light falling on some varied forms, instead of looking for "the right thing".

It's easy to fall into the trap of looking for "things" instead of beautiful shapes, colors, and contrasts.  I had to paint fast, because the light changes quickly early in the morning, but I got 'er done.  

Jimmy Longacre
Paintbox & Easel
contemporary impressionist landscape artist

River's Edge Gallery Kerrville TX
Capital Fine Art Gallery Austin TX
Austin Street Gallery Rockport TX

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