Monday, October 7, 2013

ARTISTS OF TEXAS has honored me with Master Signature Membership!

Thank you to the ARTISTS OF TEXAS jury for electing me to Master Signature Membership in this fine organization! I've enjoyed being a Signature Member of this generous and energetic group for the last two years. ARTISTS OF TEXAS is very involved in the promotion of artists and their art, and are leading innovators in promoting the arts online. I'm proud to be added to a distinguished group of only four other Signature Members: Tina Bohlman, David Forks, Anthony A. Gonzalez, and Rebecca Zook. I think you'll enjoy a visit to their website.

Jimmy Longacre
Texas impressionist landscape paintings

MY BLOG: Paintbox & Easel

River's Edge Gallery Kerrville TX
Austin Street Gallery Rockport TX
Capital Fine Art Gallery Austin TX

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